We Were Never Rushed Or Pushed

Being a young couple in the Military lifestyle my husband and I thought that we would never find a decent home (not too expensive) for us to purchase. I started out with an agent from a well known company and she was the worse. She made me second guess even purchasing a home. She made me believe that she was all about the purchase and not about our well-being. During all of this we were tied up in an escrow that we no longer wanted to deal with and she really didn’t help us get our money back. All of the frustration turned into upset and I didn’t know what to do. So I decided not to use her again due to my experience. Finally, I received a phone call from Alex (right on time) and I explained to him that we were still tied up in an escrow because the seller is not giving us our money back. Alex got his information and gave him a call and within 3 days the seller signed a release. By Alex’s expertise and professionalism I knew that he was about his clients and not the purchase.

So I started over with Alex and my husband and I never felt more comfortable. Every question that we had it was answered; no matter the subject. We were never rushed or pushed to by something unless we were interested. Within the month we found a very nice condo and purchased within 3 weeks. The entire process was painless and fun. If I was to ever recommend a real estate agent it will be Alex Yapjoco hands down. I am very pleased with his professionalism and caring. We thank you Alex with all that we have. You are #1 in our book!