Casual, Hands-off Realtor

When my wife and I started looking for our first house, we weren’t sure if we were really ready to move out of our apartment and commit to purchasing a home, especially given the high real estate prices in San Diego, so wanted a more casual, hands-off realtor. We had briefly tried another realtor before Alex, but he was too pushy and aggressive for us. When looking for a new realtor, we chose Alex because we had already been using his MLS search listings webpage. Alex had one of the best, most comprehensive MLS search listings available. It was free to use, and he did not immediately call you or hassle you if you registered. It was fully customizable, allowing you to search for several different amenities and in very small, local areas – not just by zip code. In addition, you could save the search criteria and have updated results automatically e-mailed to you. Alex knew we wanted a hands-off realtor and respected our needs, and we never felt pushed or pressured by him to buy a house or to bid more than we felt comfortable with. Instead, Alex was very patient and agreeable, let us offer what we wanted for the purchase price, even if it was well below the asking price, and was willing to show us any home we wanted. In fact, Alex showed us more homes than I can remember over a period of about eight months! I think many other realtors would have abandoned us after showing us that many homes over such a long period. Alex even showed us homes that several other realtors wouldn’t, such as short sales and homes sold by the owner. He also showed us homes over a very large range of asking prices and never asked to see a preapproved loan statement or questioned why we were looking at such a large range of pricings. He also didn’t mind when we frequently changed our minds about a house or what we were looking for in a house. Alex wanted to make sure that he found the perfect home for us and didn’t want us to settle, and he was willing to do anything to help us find that perfect home. And, while we appreciated Alex for his laid back attitude, he was thorough, fast-acting, responsive, diligent, knowledgeable, hard working, and aggressive when it came to getting the job done. If we wanted to see a house, Alex was immediately available to show us the house. If we wanted to make an offer, but wanted advice on how much to offer, Alex immediately e-mailed us comparables. When we decided to make an offer, Alex immediately had the papers drawn up and e-mailed to us, had us electronically sign them, and then submitted the offer. Any questions we had, Alex was able to answer them or did the research to come up with an answer. When we had an offer on a short-sale, Alex constantly worked with the seller’s bank to try to get the short sale approval to go through. When we needed contractors, inspectors, etc., Alex always had the best recommendations at hand. Alex also did an excellent job of working with difficult sellers and keeping deals on track and moving forward and also working with the seller’s agent. We finally did find a great house that had everything we wanted and was at an excellent price (below the seller’s listing price). Given that Alex was able to adapt to our style and personality, and find us the perfect home (even though we seemed reluctant to actually buy a house), I would imagine that any buyer or seller would be happy working with Alex. I could not have been happier with Alex as an agent and I highly recommend Alex, 5 out of 5 stars!